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Summer Pre-Trainee Program

For students entering their Sophomore year. We will also consider applications from students entering their Junior year.

Pre-Trainee Application - APPLY NOW!

The Summer Pre-Trainee Program is a summer research program that introduces underrepresented students to biomedical-related research through exposure in a laboratory setting with a MARC U STAR Faculty Mentor. The Summer Program is intended to be a stepping stone to the 2-year Trainee Program. No prior research experience is necessary to apply to the Summer Pretrainee Program.  

If you are chosen for the Pretrainee Summer Program, you will start the 9 week program on June 25, 2018.  

Please note that the Pre-Trainee Application requires 1 letter of recommendation from faculty. The letter should be received via email to Rebecca Brown no later than April 6, 2018.

We will begin scheduling interviews with prospective Pretrainees in May, 2018.

2-year Trainee Program 

For students entering their Junior and Senior year.

Trainee Application - APPLY NOW!

The MARC U* Trainee Program is a 2-year Fellowship Program for underrepresented students majoring in the sciences who are Juniors and Seniors and are interested in pursuing a research career in the sciences. This program is also open to transfer students from community colleges.  The MARC Program will pay tuition, insurance, and fees, and the students will receive a monthly stipend to help cover living expenses. In the MARC U* Trainee Program, students are required to conduct research part time during the fall, winter and spring quarters, and full time during the summer period. Along with research, students will attend biweekly meetings, seminars, colloquia, and scientific conferences.  

If you are chosen for the Trainee Program, you will start the 10 week summer portion of the program on June 18, 2018.

Please note that the Trainee Application requires 2 letters of recommendation from faculty. The letters should be received via email to Rebecca Brown.

We will begin scheduling interviews with prospective Trainees in May, 2018.


If you have any questions about applying to MARC U*, please feel free to contact the Administrative Director.

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 Pre-Columbian Coclé pottery design.

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