Trainee Program Overview


2 - Year Trainee Program

Juniors and Seniors Only

The MARC U STAR Trainee Program is a NIH Funded, 2-year fellowship program designed for underrepresented students in the sciences who are Juniors or Seniors and are interested in pursuing a research career in the sciences. 

The MARC Program will pay partial tuition, insurance, and fees, and Trainee's will receive a monthly stipend. In the MARC U STAR Trainee Program, students are required to conduct research in the lab part time during the fall, winter and spring quarters, and full time during the summer period. The program will also take advantage of summer internship programs at other universities. Along with research, students will attend biweekly or weekly MARC U STAR meetings, seminars, colloquia, and scientific conferences. 

  • 2- year research fellowships for juniors or seniors with partial paid tuition and fees, including UC health insurance
  • Monthly stipend (currently $1092/month)
  • Your choice of a UCR faculty mentor that assists in your bio related research training experience
  • Special classes & bi-weekly meetings (NASC 188, NASC 189, BMSC 254)
  • Summer Research Experience at a biomedical research institution anywhere in the US (funded up to $3500 per Trainee)
  • Attend a National Scientific Meeting anywhere in the US (funding between $750 - $1000/year per Trainee; upon approved budget). SACNAS/ABRCMS and many more...
  • Be a part of a National MARC Network    
Program Eligibility:
  • Must identify as underrepresented according to NIH Guidelines (must qualify in one (1) or more categories):
    • Ethnicity (verify HERE
    • Financially Disadvantaged (verify HERE
    • Disability (any medically documented disability; verify HERE
    • Disadvantaged Backgrounds (verify HERE
  • Intend to pursue PhD studies in a biomedical relevant field 
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.1 or higher (borderline GPA's are encouraged to apply)
  • Earned a minimum of 90 university units (including transfer units applied to degree audit)
  • Have attained either Junior or Senior standing
  • Agree to conduct research part-time (minimum 15 hrs/week) during the regular school year AND full-time (minimum 40 hrs/week) during the 10-week summer period
  • Must agree to spend one (1) summer offsite at a research intensive university also known as Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)  **incoming seniors will vary on this requirement**
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States 

Important: All applicants and/or current trainees are REQUIRED to submit the FAFSA application on an annual basis regardless of aid need. The partial MARC tuition grant is determined by each individuals financial aid award package. Also, MARC stipends are considered as "aid received" which may impact other aid sources and budget maximums.  To determine if/how receiving a MARC U grant/stipend will impact your financial award package and/or current or future offers, contact the Office of Financial Aid ( or (951) 827-3878. 




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