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Trainee Program

The MARC U STAR Trainee Program is a 2-year Fellowship Program for under-represented students in the sciences who are Juniors or Seniors and are interested in pursuing a research career in the sciences. 

The MARC Program will pay tuition, insurance, and fees, and the students will receive a monthly stipend. In the MARC U* Trainee Program, students are required to conduct research in the lab part time during the fall, winter and spring quarters, and full time during the summer period. The program will also take advantage of summer internship programs at other universities. Along with research, students will attend biweekly MARC U* meetings, seminars, colloquia, and scientific conferences.

Trainee Program eligibility criteria:

  • Intend to pursue PhD studies
  • 3.1 GPA (Borderline GPA's are encouraged to apply)
  • Earned a minimum of 90 university units
  • Have attained either Junior or Senior standing
  • Agree to conduct research part-time during the regular school year and full-time during the 10-week summer period
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States

Do you meet this criteria? If so, complete the TRAINEE APPLICATION here!

If you have any questions you may contact Rebecca Brown at (951) 827-5449 or e-mail at

Additional Trainee Program Information

See the MARC U* Trainee Timeline.

Three courses are required of the MARC U* Star Trainee junior and senior students. One is a seminar series in Biomedical Ethics (BMSC 254). Another required course teaches students how to prepare and give scientific oral presentations (NASC188). This will begin with faculty lectures on making oral presentations. The students will then gain experience in the preparation and presentation of short formal talks. In addition, the course will include instruction in the electronic preparation of Figures and Tables. A second course includes an examination and analysis of selected current research papers (NASC189). This includes reading, and critiquing papers. All students will read the paper for that week and discuss it following a presentation by one of their members. A faculty member will be present to guide the discussion and elucidate the appropriate nuances of the paper.

MARC Trainees will be required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.1 in their major to remain eligible. Students’ GPAs will be audited following the receipt of grades each quarter. A student dropping below the required standards will be placed on probation for one quarter, during which time they will be given tutoring and counseling assistance if desired. A Trainee may request a leave from the program for one quarter. A student must reapply for the program if absent for a longer period.

Pre-Columbian Coclé pottery design.

Pre-Columbian Coclé pottery design.

Pre-Columbian Coclé pottery design.

Pre-Columbian Coclé pottery design.

Pre-Columbian Coclé pottery design.

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